Coronavirus: an excuse to explore

For two and a half years I managed to avoid the ‘rona in the UK and within a week of being in New Zealand, both my daughter and I caught it. Figures. The rules here dictate that we all had to self-isolate for 7 days so while this meant I couldn’t go into any shops or meet with anyone outside of my household, I was allowed to exercise. And fortunately for me (and my daughter), the ‘rona was just like a cold and not even a particularly a bad one. So once a day, my camera and I went for a stroll to take pictures of my new neighbourhood.

The beach access point by the Waikane Boating Club
A beachy version of our ex-telephone box community libraries
Random fried eggs painted all around Waikanae
What’s with these fried eggs?

They’re everywhere!

2 responses to “Coronavirus: an excuse to explore”

  1. What do the random fried eggs signify? You’ll have to investigate and let me know 🙂


    1. Still have no idea! I’ll have to ask on the Waikanae Community Facebook page…..


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