2019 Call to Action

Happy New Year, Everyone! The hurts, pains, and joys of the past year have been wiped clean, even though their memory stays with us. Now we have a New Year, a fresh one, with no mistakes in it, yet. 2019 will bring us the same thing that every journey, life plan, and new year has in the past: opportunities.

How many times have we created lofty goals and set unrealistic expectations only to find ourselves disappointed and adrift?

Art by Ricardo Siri Liniers

The above comic resonated with me. It’s very possible that there are things that you wished you had said, done, or even dreamed of doing. I know I do. I do not care for setting resolutions, but I do prefer taking action and moving forward. One of my best years happened when I decided I would take more risks.

This year, the inspiration comes from that lovely art by Ricardo Siri Liniers. 365 opportunities. 365 days to seize opportunities that could bring me knowledge, happiness, and camaraderie with others. It could be anything that I am looking for, or taking the opportunity to tell someone how much I appreciate them and the things they do.

It’s the latter that I have seized today. The opportunity to tell a fellow photographer, whom I’ve never met, that I regret never meeting him in person (He has since moved). We friended on a Facebook community page and he has treated me as though we have met. I admire his artistic ability with his camera and love the boldness and passion he has put into his work. I constantly stand in awe and silence at the honesty that comes through. His vision inspires me and makes me search for mine. Sveinn, I look forward to meeting you one day. You can view his work here.

The idea of an opportunity a day is not a new one, it could be considered cliche. Yet, I think that the way you approach personalizes it and makes it work for you. For me it isn’t about taking everything for myself, but instead looking for opportunities that will enrich my life and others. Will you join me? Only you can craft your happiness. What can we achieve with 365 possibilities?

Until next time…


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