Take a Breath

It’s quite this morning in my little slice of Florida. I’m sitting on my back porch watching the sun rise, as tendrils of steam curl up from my mug. I reposition my blanket as I try to ward of the damp chill in the air. Today is recovery from yesterday’s chaotic, yet fun family Christmas gathering. We had 12 humans and 5 dogs in attendance.

Sipping my tea, I take stock of what’s been happening these past few months. Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. Apparently when you hit 40 your body decides to turn on the check engine light. Good thing about going in for a checkup is that you can get a tune up and go about your day. So between Doctors appointments, work, and R&R, I got side tracked and let my blog gather dust.

Excuse me a minute, Lola is barking her fool head off.

I was definitely gone more than a minute.

Apparently my family decided to be spontaneous today. Shortly after Lola’s barking spree, I received a text from my family that they wanted to come over and spend Christmas Eve with us. They offered to grill steaks and bring the sides; who are we to turn down an offer like that. So the hubby and I drove up to Publix (where Shopping is a pleasure!) to pick up a few supplies; the parking lot was PACKED! Thankfully the store wasn’t too crowded and blessedly the checkout lines were normal. It was a Christmas Eve miracle!

So now it’s afternoon and once again I’m on the back porch with my hubby and fur babies. We have warmed up to a lovely 68 degrees with a cool breeze. I’m back in shorts and short sleeves and traded my mug of tea for a glass of cold, iced tea. This is a Floridian Christmas.

So no matter what is going on in your life, just know that you have permission to take a breather, to rest, and to take stock. Unknowingly, that’s what I did these past months. I intend to be back on the blog circuit.

No matter what you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful and warm holiday season. Take care of yourselves.

Until next time…

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