Bring Me That Horizon

Daydreaming. I’ve been daydreaming of an emerald sea sparkling in sunlight, while a gentle breeze offers relief from a warm day. My mind keeps drifting back to my recent cruise with Royal Caribbean. Enchantment of the Seas was fun, the staff was friendly, and Coco Cay was an absolute blast. Those carefree days were much needed and I realize that I miss the routine that I established while onboard.

When I’m on a cruise it’s rare that I take the elevator (especially on the first day). This results in multiple stair climbs and laps around the ship. (My Apple Watch was singing after I was closing ring after ring each day.) Peppered between that is never having to worry about meals. So I find myself having 5-6 small meals throughout the day. Add in some swimming and snorkeling and I’ve really changed up my mostly sedentary lifestyle. It felt great. For the first time in what seems like forever, I slept soundly, had energy, and enjoyed a balanced diet.

Ever since returning home I have felt lethargic, less energized, and been sadly sedentary. I miss having ready available meals and going for walks on deck. I can still smell the fresh salty air and recall a seemingly endless horizon bookended by sunrise and sunsets. Let’s just say that I’m counting down the days till our next cruise. Why wait to do something that I enjoy?

I’m going to live my life as though I was on a cruise.

OK. Let’s take a moment and examine that affirmation. It was a fleeting thought that took me by surprise when it first popped into my brain. It was so simple that it was startling. Can I really do this? Can I adapt my cruise experience to my everyday life? Most importantly, can I sustain it until my next cruise? It’s daunting. The only thing stopping me is, well, me.

Honestly this will take some investment in myself, which I have been neglecting for many years. It’s so much easier to offer excuses as many past attempts at weight loss and physical activity have not lasted long. Yet, this feels different. This time I have an overall goal with a simplistic approach. Live my life as though I was on a cruise. I’ll be tackling diet, exercise, and relaxation.

Diet will be fairly easy as I have altered my cooking style over the years and have eaten healthier as a result. (I love my veggies!) The biggest challenge here will be time and preparation. When I haven’t prepared I inevitably order the eighth deadly sin, pizza. To avoid this I must start meal planning and have my pantry stocked sufficiently. I’ve invested in an Instant Pot in hopes that it saves time and allows me to eat healthy meals more frequently.

Exercise. There is a long and complicated history there. I do not care for gyms. I prefer group classes and activities that don’t make you feel like you are exercising. I invested in BodyBoss method awhile back so I’ll be implementing that at home. Upon review the book featured many moves that I am familiar with from my group classes. I do enjoy bicycling, walking, and swimming; and will make an effort to participate in those activities as weather permits. It’s not going to be easy. This will be the hardest task for me. Yet the way I felt and slept after a day of movement and activity was so wonderful that I must make this a regular part of my lifestyle.

Relaxation. This one is tricky because it seems so simple. Realistically, my recent idea of relaxing has been binge watching favorite shows. It’s not relaxing, entertaining as it is, it’s another form of sedentary behavior that mimics my work week. Much like exercise it will take some motivation to get me out of this pattern. So I’ll need to plan a few excursions to get me out and about for some relaxation. I’ll also need to be mindful and not go overboard. Initially while I was planning for our cruise I wanted to get get up early and capture the sunrise with my camera. While onboard I was so tired I couldn’t bring myself to set my alarm for blue hour. It was then that I realized that sometimes I need to give myself permission to do what I please and not feel guilty if I have no desire to follow through.

So what does this mean for this blog dear reader? It means that things are going to get a bit more interesting. It’s a blog-umentary and this idea of living my life as though I’m on a cruise is certainly going to shape this coming year. I’m still committed to posting fun and irreverent things as well as anything from cooking to local outings. If I am successful in following my goals I’ll be in great shape to not only tackle surfing on Mariner of the Seas next year, but I’ll also be ready to try that new zip line on Coco Cay as well! Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to capture the horizon as the day breaks over the shimmering sea.

Sharing is caring so drop a comment below and share your thoughts and ideas. If you have a favorite Instant Pot recipe or have ideas for exercise and relaxation please share it! (If I write about it I’ll ensure credit is given).

Until next time…

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