Tiny Rant (not so tiny)

I have had some rage that has been building up this past year. I just need to share it, it’s been bottled up far too long. Look I understand we barely know each other, but I need to know if anyone else shares my pain. (take it away Mr. Griffin)

It’s always when I’m mindlessly scrolling through my news round up, scanning through the headlines, mainly looking for more Duchess of Sussex or Duchess of Cambridge news (any Anglophiles out there?) I’m just a sucker for cute photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte! Sorry, I digress. Anyway, I’m scrolling along and I come across the most offensive article.

Oh, it’s so innocent just lying there for anyone to find with its warm and inviting photos. Yet, 30 Cozy Breakfasts to Make on Christmas Morning is just unnecessary.


Now to be fair, Good Housekeeping was doing their job and providing some yummy recipes and some of them looked downright delicious. I mean no offense to people who are planners and look to provide a Christmas spread that friends and family will be envious of. Yet this type of article is just the last straw. Why are we as a society perpetually living in the future?

During Winter all the articles are about Spring. Once Spring shows up it’s all Beach Body Ready, tanning products, and Summer, Summer, Summer.

PSA: Beach Body is simply a body in swimwear on the beach. It’s swimwear that makes you feel comfortable. No one else’s opinion matters.

Just in case you are lost, it’s still Spring. Finally beach body Summer finally arrives in her golden splendor and online it becomes a Pumpkin Spice explosion (yes, I’m a fan. No, I’m not basic.) Oh and the warm, hearty and delicious soups that you can place in an actual mini pumpkin (ok that was a wonderful suggestion since those individual pumpkin bowls are expensive). Now it’s Autumn, although in Florida we really can’t tell, and everything is coming up Christmas. Let me show you how I feel about Christmas articles before Halloween.

I have no idea whom to thank for the meme above that accurately reflects my feelings.

So why, despite loving so many of these articles do we have to get them so early on. It makes me feel as though we aren’t living in the now. Instead we are striving for things that we hope to experience in the next season yet when that season arrives we are bombarded by shiny articles telling us what we should want for the next season. It’s like we are all Jan Brady and advertisers and Magazine Editors are making us cry out Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Thanks Leo, that was a much needed breather. I’m calmer now that I got that off my chest. As for that Toy Story 4 article, we’ll circle back to it. I’m coming for you Pixar.

So. Anyone else feel this way or is it just me? Personally I feel like I’ll just be bookmarking those articles in the future and then read through them when I decide it’s time. You hear that Yahoo news. I’ll decide when it’s time to read them.

I’d love you hear your thoughts and experiences. It can’t just be me. Drop your comments below and let me know.

See you next time….

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