How Did I Get Here?!

My Husband and I recently returned from an amazing cruise. Sun, sea, and an endless smorgasbord were all part of an overdue vacation. Yet, there was an unexpected twist. I boarded the ship at 39 and disembarked at 40! While it wasn’t a year long cruise (seriously, sign me up for that!) the simple act of disembarking at 40 gave me pause. I’m not that old. Am I? 

I remember both my parents having Over the Hill parties (I won’t even tell you how young I was at the time). It always seemed so far away. Lightyears away. Yet, I truly believe that age is just a number. Lately I had been thinking of doing something to mark the occasion and decided on making 40 my year to focus on myself. (Not in a vain way). Why feel the pressure of re-evaluating yourself with 40 as a looming deadline.

She’ll be right, is a colloquialism found in Australian English meaning, everything is going to be all right. I couldn’t think of a more appropriate phrase when you realize you are officially over the hill, at least by society’s standards.

This blog is intended to be a slice of life: part documentary, comedy, and hopefully not too much tragedy. Here is to a year of adventures together and knowing that we aren’t alone. Buckle up, hit the follow button, and join me for a bit of everything. Spoiler Alert: It ends in another cruise.

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